You already know that there are many different ways to say hello to someone, and you want to know how to use the phrase “How’s it going?”.  Luckily, this phrase is very easy to use, and it will help you sound more fluent!

What does it mean?

Literally, when you ask someone “How’s it going?” you are asking how “it” goes.  What are you really asking is “how are things?”, or “how is everything?”.  Usually, people don’t actually answer your question.  They just accept it as a polite, yet informal greeting.

You can be the first to say it in a conversation

You can say “how’s it going?” to your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else that you see on the street or at the store.  Since it is an informal phrase, you wouldn’t want to say it to someone who you have a lot of respect for (usually older relatives or someone in a high position at your company).

You can use it as a response when someone greets you

Sometimes, people walking by might say hello to you, or simply smile.  You can use “How’s it going” as a quick response.

It can be a way to start a conversation

Usually, people use this phrase just to give a quick greeting.  You don’t always have time to have a conversation, but you want to say hi to people and let them know that you notice them.

Sometimes, people will answer you!  It can be a good way to get to know someone better, and for you to practice your English conversation skills.

It is common to use a different, short greeting before you say “how’s it going”


Here are some examples of how you can say it:

  • “Hello, how’s it going?”
  • “Hi, how’s it going?”
  • “Hey, how’s it going?”


You can use these combinations if you are the first person to speak, or if you are responding – it all works!  If you have any questions about this, ask me in the comments!


Thanks so much for coming to my site to learn English!


English Phrase: How’s It Going?
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