This type of apology is best used together with another apology and should only be used with very close friends, family, or your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

You would not usually use this with a co-worker, unless you know them very well.

These are some examples of how to use it together with another apology:

  • “I’m so sorry.  Please don’t be upset with me.”
  • “I apologize.  Please don’t be upset with me.”  

If you are planning to tell someone bad news, or tell them something that you did that you think might upset them, you can begin your conversation with this phrase.  Here’s an example:

  • “Please don’t be upset with me, but I forgot that today is our anniversary.”
  • “Please don’t be upset with me.  I accidentally broke your favorite coffee cup this morning.”

Did you do something really, really bad?  You can also add an additional apology after you use the phrase.  For example:

“Please don’t be upset with me, but I ruined your favorite jacket today.  I’m so sorry!”

 That’s it!  This is a really common phrase that will help take you further in your fluency.

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English Phrase: Please don’t be upset with me
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