English is the third most common language when counted by the number of native speakers.  (Just as a note:  You might be wondering, out of curiosity, what the 1st and 2nd most common languages are?  Mandarin and Spanish!  Amazing!)

No one knows exactly how many for sure, but as many as 1.5 BILLION people speak English worldwide.  The number of books, magazines, songs, and websites published in English are impossible to count.  Learning English can allow you to communicate with people from almost any country in the world, since it is the most popular language to study.

Did you know?

  • More than 38% of Europeans speak English (not counting native speakers)
  • There are SIX countries that have a majority of native English speakers?  (The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Ireland, and Canada)
  • Only 3% of Japanese speak English – this is a great opportunity for those who do speak it!
  • As many as 13% of Mexicans living in Mexico speak English
  • 30% of web content is published in English

Once you learn to speak English, job and educational opportunities will open up for you.  You can travel and meet new people, and communicate with them in their language.  But does this mean that English is the best?

I’ll get straight to the point.  While learning English can bring you many benefits, but I would never say that English is the best language.

Learning to speak a new language, no matter which one, is beautiful and will change your life forever.  But you should always be proud about your native language, and any other language that you speak, since every language is beautiful and good in its own way.

I hope that you are enjoying your English learning, and that you come back for new lessons and English tips!

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope to see you again soon,


Is English the Best Language?
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