What is the Subject English grammarIf you are learning English, it might be confusing to understand all the new English grammar terms.  One of the first and most basic is a SUBJECT.

It’s the first thing you will need to make a sentence.  So, what is it?

What is a Subject?

A subject is:

  • a thing
  • the person or people
  • an idea
  • a place

The subject is the person or thing in the sentence that is DOING something or BEING something.

Here are some examples of the subject in a sentence:

  • The cat is sleeping.
    • a thing (the cat) does something (sleeps)
  • The woman is typing.
    • a person (the woman) does something (types)
  • The kids play.
    • the people (the kids) do something (play).
  • The coffee is hot.
    • The thing (the coffee) does something (it’s hot).
  • New York is wonderful.
    • The place (New York) is being something (wonderful).
  • Capitalism is complicated.
    • The idea (capitalism) is being something (complicated).

Whether you are just learning to speak English or are learning more English grammar, I hope that this post helped you to understand the idea of the subject.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!

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What is a subject: English basics
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