Have you seen these written before?





These are acronyms – or abbreviations.  They are really short ways to say a longer phrase.  There might be hundreds – or even thousands – of these online, but I want to tell you about just the most popular ones.

What do they mean, and when do you use them?


This means “by the way”.  You can say this when you are adding something extra to the conversation.  Example?

“btw, I think you are pretty!”

“btw, I forgot to buy milk.”


This means “be right back” or “I’ll be right back”.  You should use this when you are having a text or chat, and you have to go do something, but you plan to come back to finish the conversation.  You can use it by itself (just write BRB) or you can add an explanation.  Example:

“brb.  I have to answer the phone”

“brb.  Someone is knocking on the door.”


This means “talk to you later”.  You can use this when you are saying goodbye, but you definitely want to chat or text again later on, or if you just want to be polite.  Examples:

“I have to go.  TTYL.”

“I’m going to bed.  TTYL”


Most people know this one, but just in case you don’t – it means “laughing out loud”.  Basically, people use this any time something is funny or ironic.    Examples:

“you look silly in that picture. LOL”

“i forgot my homework again. LOL”


That’s it!  I hope that this helped you understand when to use these acronyms in your online conversations.  Best of luck with them 🙂

Thanks for coming to my website to help with your English skills!



English Slang for Text and Chat
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