Hello!  Thanks for coming by today for your English lesson.  This video will help you learn basic English vocabulary about the weather.  In the United States, we have many different kinds of weather.  Rain, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, sun, clouds, snow, blizzards.

I didn’t teach you all of those words in the video.  It is best to start slowly.  I’ll make more weather videos soon!

Video Transcript

English Vocabulary:  Weather

Hi, I’m your teacher.  My name is Naomi.

This is the sun.


When the sun is in the sky, it is sunny.


When there are clouds in the sky, it is cloudy.


Sometimes, it rains.


Sometimes, it rains a lot.

Rain makes puddles.


In many places in America, it snows.

This is snow.


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Thanks for watching, bye-bye!

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You are the best!
Daily English Vocabulary – Weather

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